Friday, November 8, 2013

Make this funnier or stop sharing it.

Did you know that this woman is wearing a bike helmet? Are you tired of hearing about it? Why isn't this Facebook tripe a meme yet? It's an airbag that goes on your neck. Sorry for the spoiler. Let's go, internet. Jokes. For Serious.

Gawker was talking about the Doge meme today (because now embattled mayor Rob Ford is one of them) but somehow, this ENDLESSLY shared image of a woman wearing a helmet you don't have to wear (no link—I'm tired of it) hasn't been made fun of at all. I've used all my talents (literally, all of them) to make this pic. Please do better. Post in comments. Post anywhere. If I have to see this poor cone of fabric with a head on it over and over, it should at least be funny.

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