Sunday, September 27, 2015

A last look at St. Pat's Auditorium

I never went to St. Pat's, but I had a chance to explore it once while clearing out some storage areas for the school board. At the time, everything was functional and intact. I'm not sure many people had a chance to go inside this Windsor Street building after we did. It's a shame it had to go; with what I'm sure would have been zillions of dollars of work, it could have been an awesome venue. As it stood, the theatre rigging and lighting looked sketchy and not just a little deadly. 

Near the end of the post there are walls full of names, painted or carved into the plaster. Are you on there?

These pics are mine; don't steal them without asking.

Beetlejuice stickers!

Tech dismantles the lighting grid. The giant, dangerous looking control box was still just off to the right, with most of the knobs and dials broken or broken off. 

Fully lit stage floor.

Back row seats.

I can't believe they'd ever tear down a building with such awesome doors. 

Front lobby

Tickets, please.

Here are the carvings. Is your name here?

Science lab. I wandered outside the theatre for a while.

Doors, removed. 


Running loop.

Looking out from the snowman's window.
In the prop/wardrobe room.

I didn't take pictures in the spooky basement, but there was an old gun range with terribly clunky and shaky ventilation fans. It was long and dark, like the set of a murder movie. The whole building had an eerie loneliness to it. It seemed to be patiently waiting for everyone to come back. 

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Unknown said...

I remember a gun club that existed for a few years. A half dozen guys bringing .22 caliber rifles to school on Fridays! Good days!